5 hiking essentials for a safe adventure

You’ve been invited for a hike with your outdoorsy friends and you want to seem like you know what you are doing? This article is for you. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve been on a hike, or if you’ve never even been on one, you might not know everything you need in order to be safe and prepared. Don’t worry, take us into your packing journey and by the end of the article, you’ll feel ready to move the mountains, not just climb them.


It doesn’t matter if the hike will take one hour, or six, you need to have a backpack with you. There are a lot of situations that happen while hiking when you need your hands: if you need support to climb a steep portion, if there is a rock-climbing area or even if you trip and fall, your hands have to be free at all times. A backpack is easy to carry and will fit your other essentials such as food and water.

Warm clothes

This is something you might not think of if you’re going on a hike in the summer, but unless you’re hiking in the desert, you need a jacket. Some hiking trails have forest areas, where it might get pretty cold, and even if they don’t, at the top of the mountain it’s always windy,  so you need to pack a woolen sweater or a cardigan. Try packing a sweater that you like, as you want the pictures from the top of the mountain to look good.

The right shoes

This is probably the most important item when hiking. Having the right shoes will make your life easier and your trip way more enjoyable. Your shoes have to be lightweight and very comfortable, but you need to make sure that they have a good grip and are somewhat water resistant. Depending on the season, you might want to go for breathable shoes or boots, but make sure the boots are not too heavy, as it will tire you out.

Emergency kit

This is essential for the group as a whole, not necessarily for every single person, so you either have to pack it, or make sure someone already has. As the mountain area is pretty secluded, and as you’re climbing, it’s getting harder and harder for help to get to you, you have to consider what happens in a dangerous situation. If someone gets hurt, it is important to be able to give them basic first aid, and then contact additional help. For information regarding what your kit should contain, you want to consider checking out Red Cross, as they know better.


I know, this is the most intuitive thing, everybody would think of it, why include it in an essentials guide. Well, because it is really important, and if one person forgets, it’s bad enough. Water is important on a daily basis, but when you are walking up a mountain, sweating and engaging is physical effort, it becomes a maximum necessity. Make sure you have enough water for the whole trip, and take enough breaks to drink water. Consider taking more water if your hiking trail is exposed to the sun.

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