Fun Activities to try in Vietnam

Countries in Southeast Asia that must be visited by adventurous travelers is Vietnam. Vietnam offers a variety of tourist destinations, ranging from family attractions, nature, culture, education, to culinary. Various tourist attractions in Vietnam are usually icons for each region. Vietnam is suitable for travelers who want to get the best experience, especially if there is little vacation time.

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In Vietnam, you can do various activities. Starting from eating pho, sending postcards, learning history, to playing ATV in the desert.

Eat Warm Pho

Who can refuse a bowl of warm noodles with tempting broth? Pho is a dish of pride for the people …

Cheap Flights, Airfare, And Hotels

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travel agencyBooking your vacation to Hawaii with a travel agency can be a very convenient way of planning your trip. Travel Agents usually are set up in prime locations with heavy traffic such as beside the main roads, inside crowed shopping malls or at the ground floor of a landmark building. Rollinglobe is an online travel agency that connects people with career opportunities at leading travel companies.

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3 attractive tourist attractions in Bangkok for a Family Vacation

If you often walk around a tourist destinations in your own country, then you feel like you want to try visiting other tourist destinations in other countries, then you can visit Bangkok, this city is the right choice to become a tourist destination for your family, because it has a variety of cultures and suitable vacation spots. To explore the city of Bangkok we suggest you stay at Solitare Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 hotel.

Besides owning diverse culinary, this city is also famous for selling clothes at bargain prices which are loved by generations nowadays. Bangkok is also famous for its various entertainment and historic tourist attractions.

Below, we present to you some of the travel destinations in case you vacationing in Bangkok.

1. Wat Arun Temple with Chao Phraya’s atmosphere

Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple located in Thailand right on the side of the Chao Phraya river, to …

Pamper Your Vacation with 4 Travel Destinations in Maldives

Maldive is currently a rising tourist destination. Maldive offers a group of beautiful and virgin islands. The beauty of the beaches and underwater world is waiting for you. Also, you can stay at Raffles overwater Villa Maldives to enjoy the sparkling sun in the calm and clear turquoise lagoon water.

Maldive is a tourist destination for both families and new couples. Here are 4 tourist attractions in Maldive that you must put on your travel list.

1. Baros Island

Baros Island is one of the must-visit destinations if you are in Maldive. The small island fenced with clusters of corals makes your eyes and hearts satisfied with the blue color of the sea.

This location is suitable for you who want to get a tan. The trees are not so high and lush, so you will experience freedom to choose a comfortable place for sunbathing.

2. Emboodhu Finolhu

Cluster of …

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